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Is this the little boy I carried? - sharonaf — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Is this the little boy I carried? [Jan. 22nd, 2009|10:52 am]
[Current Mood |Proud]

My little boy has used the potty!
He did it for the first time last week Sunday, but I thought perhaps it was a fluke--he occasionally sits on it and perhaps it just happened.
We're off from school this week, and today he requested to go to the potty before his nap. Then he just sat down, and went!
So proud!
He's napping now, though.
My big boy... every time I think about what he couldn't do even six months ago, I'm amazed. He's 22 months old now, appears to be potty-training himself and recently helped me: shovel snow (all right, he wasn't much help, but neither was I till I was much older than he is now, and he had fun!), bake cookies (he helped mix and managed not to drool in the dough, with some assistance from me), sweep the pantry floor(believe it or not, it actually was useful to have someone available to carry the full dustpan to the garbage, even if he spilled some along the way), sort coins ("BIG ones!" vs. all the rest), repair a cabinet (I am never taking out the tool box while he's awake again...), and make up a grocery list (it is very distracting, by the way, to have a little voice intoning, "Onion... Carrot..." while you're trying to remember how much rice is left in the bag. And our onion and carrot supplies are quite healthy, in case you're wondering). And he's learning how to play, or not play, with the baby downstairs, which should be useful come July. Oh, and he's discovered his sense of smell, and now requires me to let him smell every spice jar before I season our food.
*shakes head* When they say time flies... they mean it.
I'm just glad that my philosophy throughout has been to appreciate every stage of his life and not restrain myself from sproinging with glee when he does something amazing or just adorable. Even though I have to send him to daycare for so many hours a day, I don't feel as though I've missed important parts of his life. I wish I'd been with him the whole time, but I know I've been enjoying him nonetheless.
And would you believe that neither "Loving" nor "Proud" count as moods in the list?

[User Picture]From: tovaks
2009-01-23 02:07 am (UTC)
which should be useful come July . . . do you have something you'd like to tell me? Or, rather, do you know something I'd be dying to know? ;)
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[User Picture]From: debka_notion
2009-01-23 04:41 am (UTC)
Same comment as above- the "should be useful, come July" sort of stuck out like it was in day-glow. Is there some new person expected? Are you thinking of moving to be near your brother, sister-in-law and their little one, or them near you? Am I utterly confused and missing something obvious?

I miss seeing you folks. jakal88 is coming in next weekend, and we're planning a Motzei Shabbat word-game night, to which you are of course invited (although I realize that it's a heck of a shlep for a Saturday night). Otherwise- some friends from dancing have invited me to come spend shabbos by them sometime, and they're in your area. If I were to take them up on their offer, could I perhaps arrange to see you folks while I'm there as well? I should really just call...
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[User Picture]From: debka_notion
2009-01-23 04:42 am (UTC)
And I of course totally forgot to comment on your actual content- sounds like your little boy is just as bright as his terribly bright parents. That's a pretty cool list of accomplishments for a not-quite-2-year-old.
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